Carp Lake, MI Lake Steamer LEELANAU Accident, Aug 1908

Steamer Leelanau.JPG



Traverse City, Mich., Aug. 17. -- MRS. ISABEL LA BONTE of this city was killed and a score of passengers were injured to-day by the explosion of the boiler of the passenger steamer LEELANAU, bound from Leland to Fouch, on Carp Lake, in the Northern Michigan resort district. Among the passengers were a number of visitors from other States, but the list of casualties contains only the names of Michigan people.
The little steamer was plowing down the narrow lake with a steam pressure of eighty pounds, trying to make up the time that had been lost on the earlier stages of the trip. As she was passing Bingh the engineer discovered a loose bolt in the engine, and shut off the steam to remedy the defect.
It was while he was working at the loose bolt that the explosion occurred, tearing off the top of the engine and demolishing the pilot house and the forward upper works of the steamer, but leaving Engineer EDWARD HARDY unscathed by the havoc that swept before him.
JOHN HARTUNG, who was at the wheel, was probably fatally injured. Many were thrown into the water and clung to wreckage until rescued by farmers living along the shore, although some were able to swim to shore.

The New York Times New York 1908-08-18