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At Work in a Montana Coal Mine


Coal Creek, TN Fraterville Mine Explosion, May 1902


Mohawk Mine, Goldfield, NV


Elkton Mine, Elkton, CO Cripple Creek District


Ophir Mine Works, Virginia City, NV

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Mine Disasters, Explosions, Accidents, Cave-ins


More Mining Explosions & Accidents

:: Acmar, AL Mine No. 3 Explosion, May 1922
:: Acmar, AL Mine No. 6 Explosion, Jul 1941  
:: Belle Ellen, AL Mine Fire, Sept 1897 
:: Birmingham, AL Banner Coal Mine Explosion, June 1917 
:: Dolomite, AL Mine Explosion, Nov 1922  
:: Gadsden, AL Hammond Mining Co. Explosion, Oct 1908  
:: Palos, AL No. 3 Coal Mine Explosion, May 1910
:: Piper, AL Little Cahaba Coal Company Mine Accident, May 1925 
:: Virginia, AL Mine Explosion, Feb 1905  
:: Aspen, CO Mining Smelter Co. Fire 1890 
:: Aspen, CO Della S Mine Explosion, Oct 1896 
:: Carbondale, CO Mine Explosion, Feb 1893 
:: Colorado Springs Mine Explosion June 1904
:: Golden, CO Malachite Mine Accident, Mar 1878 
:: Leadville, CO Miner's Cabin Explosion,  Apr 1892 
:: Leadville, CO Bonair Mine Cave-In, Mar 1899 
:: Newcastle, CO Mine Explosion  
:: Primero, CO Colorado Fuel & Iron Coal Mine Co. Explosion, Jan 1907 
:: Primero, CO Mine Explosion 1910 
:: Starkville, CO Mine Explosion, Oct 1910 
:: Hailey, ID Mine Snowslide, Feb 1917 
:: Cherry, IL Mine Disaster 1909
:: Stonington, IL Mine Accident, Jan 1908
:: Clinton, IA Hazel Creek Mine No. 2 Accident, Nov 1896
:: Terre Haute, IN Spring Hill Coal Mine Explosion, Apr 1947
:: Hocking, IA Mine Explosion, Jan 1908
:: Iron Mountain, MI Chapin Mine Explosion Jun 1901
:: Aldridge, MT Mining Accident, Aug 1900
:: Anaconda, MT Stewart Mine Explosion, Sept 1900
:: Butte, MT Bell Mine Explosion, Aug 1900  
:: Butte, MT St. Lawrence & Anaconda Mine Fire, Nov 1889
:: Neihart, MT Broadwater Mine Explosion, Apr 1896 
New Mexico
:: Carthage, NM Mine Explosion, Dec 1907

Dawson, NM Mine Explosion, Oct 1913

:: Dawson, NM Mine Explosion, Feb 1923
:: McCurtain, OK Mine Explosion, Oct 1922
:: Coal Creek, TN Fraterville Mine Explosion, May 1902 

Dayton, TN Nelson Mine Explosion, Mar 1902

:: Pinkney, TN Mine Tipple Collapse, May 1897
:: Park City, UT Mine Explosion, July 1902 
:: Scofield, UT Pleasant Valley Mine Disaster, May 1900 
:: Spring Canyon, UT Rains Mine Explosion, Sept 1924
West Virginia
:: Fairmont, WV Monongah Mine Explosion, May 1895 
:: Rock Springs, WY Mine Accident, Sept 1907 
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Up-to-Date Auto Equipped Fire Department & South Side Station, Billings, MT, 1910s
Fire Department, La Grande, OR