Eveleth, MN High School Fire, Jun 1908 - Loss $90,000



Beautiful New Ninely Thousand Dollar Building Is Completely Destroyed.

(Range Bureau of the News Tribune.)

EVELETH, June 26. - The high school building was discovered to be on fire at the northwest corner of the roof this afternoon at 1 o'clock and in spite of the heroic efforts of the Eveleth, Adams and Fayal fire departments, in less than two hours it was a mass of smouldering ruins. The total loss is estimated to be about $90,000, the loss on the building being $75,000 and the contents, including two pianos, the school library, high school textbooks, manual training material, laboratory apparatus, etc., being valued at $15,000 is a total loss. The building and contents were fully insured.

The school building was erected two years ago and was the pride of the people of Eveleth. It was a three story structure with 20 rooms, including a large auditorium, the loss of which will be greatly felt.

The origin of the fire is unknown. Tinsmiths had been working on the building this forenoon,but everything seemed to be all right when they left the roof at noon. The fire was well started by the time the fire departments arrived and an explosion of chemicals in the laboratory on the third floor caused a big blaze to shoot forth from the windows. After fighting the fire for some time the fire departments concluded to save the buildings in the vicinity and were successful in their efforts.

A summer school for school children who desired to take extra work before the beginning of the regular year was held in the building and will probably be continued in one of the other school buildings.

A meeting of the school board will be held shortly to decide what course is to be pursued. Contractor N. F. Marion is constructing a grade school for six grades and this will be available by Sept. 1 and may be temporarily used by the high school pupils. It is probable that steps will be taken at once for the erection of an even finer building than the one just destroyed by fire.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 27 Jun 1908