Jacobson, MN Farm House Fire, Apr 1952


Jacobson, Minn. (AP) -- Two children were burned to death early today and six others were saved when fire leveled a farm home near here.
Jacobson is about 25 miles southeast of Grand Rapids.
Dead are VIRGINIA LINDMAN, 22 months, and her 4-year-old sister, BETTY ANN, children of MR. and MRS. LEONARD LINDMAN.
LINDMAN, about 40, was severely burned as he and his wife dashed in and out of the flaming house saving all but two of their children. MRS. LINDMAN, about 36, was also burned, but less seriously. The parents were hospitalized at Grand Rapids.
The fire broke out about 2 a.m. All 10 members of the family were sleeping on the second floor of the house.

Austin Daily Herald Minnesota 1952-04-10