Minneapolis, MN Barton Block fire, Dec 1882



ST. PAUL, Dec. 18. - The Barton Block, in Washington avenue, Minneapolis, was burned this morning, making the third disastrous fire there within a few weeks. The fire originated in the printing-office of Dimond & Ross, on the third floor, but in just what manner cannot be definitely determined. The Fire Department succeeded in confining the fire to the building in which it originated, besides preventing the entire demolition of the structure. The entire stock carried by Dimond & Ross was consumed, and was valued at $23,000; insurance $18,000. On the same floor was the lithographing establishment of J. Monash, who estimates his loss at $7,000, and his insurance at $4,000. The losses on the second and first floors of the building are principally by water. "Oscar, the Tailor," had a stock og goods valued at from $18,000 to $20,000. They are thoroughly soaked, but what the damage is can only be roughly estimated until they are taken out. Mr. Rose, manager of the store, places the loss at $14,000, on which there is an insurance of $7,000. John T. Barnum's wholesale trunk manufactory, was badly damaged by water, his loss footing up $8,500, upon which there was an insurance of $7,850. Frank Clark & Co.'s commission store, on the ground floor, was damaged by water to the extent of possibly $800, with an insurance of $1,000. W. G. Devol's insurance office, furniture, books, &c., were damaged to the extent of about $200; fully insured. Wright & Darling's damage is $1,500; insurance, $1,200. The Swedish newspaper office was also destroyed, entailing a loss of $4,000, with insurance amounting to $2,000. The other losers are Col. King and the internal revenue office; the Electric Light Company, Haulzman & Chauncey, real estate; E. Bloom, lawyer; their losses are on furniture, and will probably not exceed $500, on which there is no insurance. The brick building, known as the Barton Block, was erected at a cost of $29,000, and is owned by A. B. Barton, whose loss will be about $10,000. The building is insured for $8,000. The insurance is divided among the following companies: Germania, $1,000; Hamburg, Bremen, $3,000; Milwaukee Mechanics', $1,000; Glenn's Falls, $2,250; Norwich Union, $2,250; State of Pennsylvania, $600; Royal, $2,000; Norwich Union, $350; Northern, $3,700; Glenn's Falls, $200; Continental, $1,500; Trader's, $4,600; Star, $2,550; Mechanics and Traders', $1,000; Union, Pennsylvania, $4,000; Union, California, $1,500; Hartford, $6,850; North British, $600; Fire Association, $1,000; Western, $2,250; Commercial Union, $2,250.

The New York Times, New York, NY 19 Dec 1882