Minneapolis, MN Great Northern Implement Co. Fire, May 1910


Minneapolis Implement Companies Suffor[sic] Considerable Loss.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 28.--Fire practically destroyed the seven-story brick building occupied by the Great Northern Implement Company and the Rock Island Plow Company, at Seventh Avenue South and Third street, early to-day, causing a loss estimated at $200,000. The five-story brick structure occupied by the Waterbury Implement Company was badly damaged, and several small structures were destroyed.

Chris Madison, who was occupying a room on the top floor of the Sixth Avenue Hotel, a small frame building, which was partly burned, has probably received fatal injuries.

Nearly every building in the block was burned in part or whole. Other buildings attacked in part or whole. Other building attacked were the J. I. Case Implement Company and two thrashing machine warehouses and the Pittsburg Plate Glass Company.

The fire started from an unknown origin in the Sixth Avenue Hotel. The wind carried the flames to the implement companies buildings, and thence into the St. Paul Railroad yards.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 May 1910