Minneapolis, MN Syndicate block fire, Jul 1883


ST. PAUL, July 29. - At 2 o'clock this morning an alarm of fire summoned the entire Fire epartment, and a very serious conflagration was found to be raging in the Syndicate Block on Nicollet-avenue, Minneapolis. Flames were first discovered on the second floor of Drennan, Starr & Everett's crockery store, near the elevator well. the well served for a chimney, and in an incredibly short space of time the flames crept to the roof of the building. Owing to delay in getting a proper head of water, the fire passed through the wall into Folds & Griffith's carpet house, and this was soon destroyed. Drennan, Starr & Everett had a stock of goods valued at $75,000. It was completely destroyed, but is fully insured. Folds & Griffith had $70,000 worth of stock, which was also fully insured. The loss on the buildings is estimated at about $12,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Jul 1883