Minneapolis, MN Fire, Aug 1893


Nearly a Square Mile Burned Over - List of the Losses.

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 14. - The big fire was stopped last night at Twentieth Avenue North, after burning over nearly a square mile of territory. It burned about 150 houses, averaging from $500 to $3,000; 40,000,000 feet of lumber, worth $480,000; 10,000,000 feet of lath and 10,000,000 feet of shingles, worth $40,000; thirteen mills, mostly saw mills and sash and door factories, and a number of ice houses and smaller concerns. An unknownchild was burned to death, and Thomas Faloon lost his life from heart failure due to excitement. Several hundred people are homeless.

Following is a revised list of losses with insurance:

E. W. Backus & Co., lumber yards; loss, $400,000; insurance, $300,000/ Two mills; loss, $150,000; insurance, $100,000. Barns; los, $14,000; insurance, $8,000.

Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Company; barns, bottling houses, and malthouse; loss, $100,000; insurance, $60,000.

John F. Wilcox, planing, sash, and door mills; loss, $80,000; insurance, $60,000.

Linteges, Connelis & Co., boiler works; loss, $60,000; insurance, $10,000.

J. R. Starke & Co., box and ladder factory; loss, $50,000; insurance, $25,000.

Shevlin, Carpenter & Co., planing mill, dry kiln; loss, $25,000; insurance, $15,000.

Nelson, Tenny & Co., Mill "G"; loss, $20,000; insurance, $15,000.

F. A. Lennelt, carriage works; loss, $15,000; insurance, $11,000.

Fulton-Libbey Company, sash and door warehouse; loss, $40,000; insurance, $25,000.

Smith & Kurigen mill; loss, $15,000; insurance, $8,000. Cedar Lake ice company; icehouse, $10,000; insurance, $10,000. J. B. Chattoten, cedar post mill; loss, $15,000; insurance, $10,000. George W. Higgins & Co., woodyard; loss, $5,000. Hergman Company, lounges, &c.; loss, $5,000; insurance, $2,000. Wernicke Company, wood specialties; loss, $1,000; insurance, $1,000. E. S. Cottin, lumber; loss, $2,000; insurance, $1,000. Miscellaneous - icehouses, dwellings, &c.; loss, $75,000; insurance, $75,000. City of Minneapolis, bridge span; loss, $5,000. Total loss, $1,084,500; insurance, $736,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Aug 1893