Wilder and Heron Lake, MN tornado, Jun 1903


WILDER, Minn., July 1. - A tornado passed over this place last night, killing three persons and doing much damage to property. The storm first struck the ranch of Dr. Wester, destroying all the farm buildings. From here the tornado turned eastward, taking in a path forty rods wide and about eight miles long. At the farm of Daniel Gallagher all the buildings were demolished and Gallagher and his daughters, Ella and Nettie, were killed.

A dispatch from Heron Lake, in the vicinity of the Jackson county tornado, says that eight persons are now known to have been killed, and adds to the lsit of identified dead the names of Mrs. Joseph Fritcher and two children who lived two miles north of Heron Lake.

The Salt Lake Telegram, Salt Lake City, UT 1 Jul 1903

HERON LAKE, Minn., July 1. - Eight persons are known to have been killed in a tornado which swept Jackson county last evening. The dead:

Mrs. Joe Fritzher, Heron Lake, Minn.; Two children of Fritzher, Heron Lake; Daniel Gallagher, Wilder, Minn.; Ella Gallagher, Wilder; Nettie Gallagher, Wilder, two unidentified men.

The storm first struck four miles northwest of Wilder, then turned eastward, laying bare a strip 40 rods wide and twelve miles long. Damage to farm buildings is heavy.

The Wilkes - Barre Times, Wilkes - Barre, PA 1 Jul 1903