Duluth, MN Oliver Mining Co Accident, Oct 1911

Oliver Mining Company Is Defendant in Suits Aggregating $25,000.


Personal injury cases amounting to $25,000 were filed yesterday against the Oliver Mining company.

Matt Kerpin wants $10,000 for injuries alleged to have been received while he was working at the Hull-Rust mine. He says that he lost the use of one ear on account of an explosion of dynamite, and that he had not been given warning as to the time the charge was to go off.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 21 Oct 1911



Jury Awards Matt Kerpin Damages From Oliver Mining Company for Personal Injuries.

Matt Kerpin was given a verdict for $4,000 against the Oliver Iron Mining company yesterday afternoon in his personal injury case against the corporation. The jury was nearly four hours in reaching a verdict. Judge Ensign, before whom the case was heard granted the usual stay of 40 days.

Kerpin sued the company for $10,000, claiming to have received injuries in a premature explosion of dynamite, due to the company having provided improper equipment for firing the blasts. The plaintiff alleged the hearing of his right ear had been permanently destroyed, the cords of his neck bruised and twisted, and injuries to his head inflicted which caused him great pain.

With another employee, he was engaged in firing "gopher holes" and had placed his charge and connected in the wires to the fuse when it exploded as he was backing away. This explosion, he claimed was the result of the wires which were uninsulated being crossed over other unprotected wires to another charge, the latter being connected with a battery which was being operated.

Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN 6 Dec 1911