Fergus Falls, MN Tornado, June 1919

Courthouse after the Fergus Falls, MN Tornado, Jun 1919.jpg Ottertail County Courthouse, Fergus Falls, MN 1910.jpg Birds Eye View, Fergus Falls, Minnesota early 1900s.JPG Fergus Falls, Minnesota Tornado, Jun 1919 2.jpg Grand Hotel, Fergus Falls, Minnesota Tornado, Jun 1919.jpg House on Union Avenue after the Fergus Falls, MN Tornado.jpg Lincoln School House after the Fergus Falls, MNTornado, Jun 1919 4.jpg Fergus Falls, Minnesota Tornado, Jun 1919 3.jpg

The 1919 Fergus Falls tornado was a large and destructive tornado that struck Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 22, 1919. It killed 57 people and is the second deadliest tornado in Minnesota's history. This tornado occurred just 10 months after a tornado in Tyler, Minnesota killed 36 people. That twister was Minnesota's fourth deadliest on record.

The tornado tore through the northern part of town, leveling 44 city blocks (including the business district), destroying 159 homes and damaging 250 more. Of the 57 people that died, at least 35 of them were in the Grand Hotel, a three story, 100 room hotel. Two hundred more were injured. The Otter Tail County courthouse, county jail, four churches and the Northern Pacific rail depot were destroyed. The Great Northern Oriental Limited passenger train was thrown off the tracks by the tornado, but none of the 250 passengers on the train was seriously injured. Checks that were sucked up by the tornado in Fergus Falls were found 60 miles to the east.


June 22, 1919, (4:45PM) 59 lives were lost when the second deadliest killer tornado in Minnesota history roared through Fergus Falls.

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