Olmsted County, MN Tornado - Haverhill, Viola, Quincy, Aug 1883

A most appalling calamity was the cyclone that struck the county, and especially the city of Rochester, Tuesday evening, August 21, 1883, just a month to a day after the one that so nearly destroyed Elgin.

The storm was first felt in Dodge county, southwest of Dodge Centre. The farm of Mayor Whitten, of Rochester, was destroyed. His loss was $5,000. Five persons were killed in that county.

It struck Olmsted county in Salem township. The houses of Cyrus Holt and Luther McCoy were badly wrecked and the barns destroyed. The buildings of J. B. Little, L. Donovan, T. McGovern, W. P. Brooks, Ole Johnson, Amil Johnson and Ole Christensen were swept away. The house, granary, stables and all outbuildings of John and Joe Kemfermann were blown out of sight. The house of James McGovern was destroyed. All buildings and machinery on Fred Little’s farm were destroyed. The house and outbuildings of Amun Anderson were destroyed. The house of Ole F. Engen was destroyed. Mrs. Stolson’s house was unroofed. Mrs. Knuessel’s house was unroofed and barn moved. The house of Tom Donovan was destroyed. All the buildings of Tom Connolly were blown away. A house of Nels Jacobson, occupied by Peter Matson, was destroyed. All the buildings of Chris Johnson Lillo were destroyed, and his father, living with him, was killed.

In Kalmar township two large barns belonging to John McGovern were demolished.
In Cascade township a barn of S. B. Hall was blown away. The house and furniture of Peter Welch were damaged. James Bucklen’s house was wrecked.

In Rochester township the house and sheds of John Bannon were blown away. The barn on George Stopple’s farm was unroofed and the chimneys blown down. Joe Stopple’s kitchen was unroofed and the barn blown down. Dr. Clifton’s barn was unroofed. The barn of Mr. Kennedy was destroyed. J. D. Ostrom’s barn and orchard were destroyed. The buildings on the John R. Cook farm were destroyed. The buildings on Mrs. Faitoute’s farm were destroyed. The house of Mr. Higby was destroyed. George Baihly’s barn was destroyed. The buildings on the farms of Moses Hurd and Mathew Clemens were badly damaged and Frank Clemens’ arm was broken. A large barn on H. T. Horton’s farm with 130 tons of hay was demolished, Edwin Coon’s leg was broken and four horses and four cows were killed. A. Engel’s new house and barn were blown down. Mr. Musson’s barn was overturned. The house on the Leland farm was destroyed.

At Rochester the day had been hot with a strong southeast wind, the air was smoky and oppressive, the heavens were overcast with clouds of a dull leaden line, and there were, apparently, three strata, all moving in different directions.....