Detroit and Becker County, MN Tornado, Jun 1902


Detroit, Mich., [sic] June 10—The tornado yesterday afternoon swept across the northwestern part of the (Becker) county and, while owing to the distance from here and poor communications, details are yet meager, it is certain that three or four persons were killed and a property loss of $60,000 occasioned. Mrs. O. Berg was killed and the farm houses of the following were destroyed: ARNEK KNOUTSON, HENRY LYSNE, SAM HOUGE, JOHN GUNDERSON, JOHN MOREZ, S. O. MOSSALY, PAUL SMEAK, OLE JOHNSONBERG, A. SPORICK AND JOHN BERG. It is probable that some of the inmates were killed, though names are not yet at hand. The Norwegian Lutheran church at Atlanta was destroyed. Ole Johnsonberg and his son were picked up and carried a quarter of a mile by the storm, but were uninjured.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 10 June 1902



Detroit, Minn., June 11—The list of the killed in the tornado of Monday afternoon is as follows: Mrs. E.O. Berg and four children of Andrew Hium, two girs aged thirteen and eleven and two boys aged fifteen and six. The Hiums had five other children, who were all more or less injured. Mrs. Hium was hurt probably fatally, but Hium himself was unscathed. In all thirty farmhouses and barns were totally destroyed.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 10 June 1902


DETROIT, Minn., June 11—A corrected list of the killed in the tornado of Monday follows:

Mrs. E. O. Berg and four children of Andrew Hium, two girls aged thirteen and eleven, and two boys, aged fifteen and six.

Five other Hium children were more or less seriously injured. Mrs. [sic] Hium himself was unscathed. In all thirty farm houses and barns were totally destroyed.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 11 Jun 1902


June 11, 1902 Central Illinois Derecho.

This violent storm seems to have been a massive, wide- spread system of severe, violent thunderstorms known as a derecho (which can produce tornadoes along the front). This same storm hit Bloomington and Champaign in central Illinois with disastrous results, with winds in access of 120 mph. and there were various reports of tornadoes in the state, some of which were fatal. It also produced multiple tornadoes and microbursts across Iowa and Minnesota a couple of days prior to this event . Since the storm's swath of damage across Illinois was estimated to be nearly two hundred by one hundred miles wide, this is the only kind of meterorological occurrence this widespread storm system could have been. The temperatures in Illinois were stifling hot, well into the 90's, before the system struck, perfect fuel for such a weather disturbance of such force and destructive power. Those interested in any of the mid-June 1902 storms should look back to Minnesota and Iowa several days before they decimated east-central Illinois. Kenneth Christensen

Five killed in a Minnesota tornado.

Five killed in a Minnesota tornado.

A tornado of marked severity prevailed Monday evening over sections of Clay and Becker counties, Minn., and across the southern portions of the White Earth Indian reservation. The region through which the storm prevailed is comparatively sparsely settled and remote from telegraphic communication, and details are therefore meagre.

The list of dead includes the following:
MRS. O. A. BERG, wife of a farmer living near Voss, killed by falling timbers.
Four Children of ANDREW HOIN living north of Ulen, killed by collapse of their home.

The storm seems to have first struck northwest of the town of Ulen, in Clay county, whence it traveled southeasterly across the northern part of Becker county, striking the towns of Foss, Atlanta and Walworth, along the lower edge of the White Earth reservation.

At Atlanta a large Norwegian Lutheran church was completely demolished and a number of other buildings partly wrecked. The path of the storm was about a mile and a half wide and from thirty to fifty miles in length. It has been impossible to verify the report from the White Earth Indian agency that fifteen people were killed on the reservation by the tornado.

The property damaged from the storm is roughly estimated at $100,000.

Davis County Clipper Utah 1902-06-13