Winona, MN Tornado, Aug 1907 - Train Blown From Track


Passenger Coaches Thrown Over Embankment by Terrific Wind Near Winona


Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota Experience Tremendous Gale of Wind Accompanied by Deluge of Rain----Heavy Damage Inflicted.

St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 8.----Rain, hail, lightning and a severe thunder and wind storm, the latter approaching in severity a tornado, did damage in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa, which at present is incalculable owing to the telegraph and telephone lines being in such crippled condition that details are hard to get. The storm was scarcely felt in the twin cities. A short shower lasting for a few minutes, accompanied by large hail stones, was the only indiction of bad weather here.

In the vicinity of Winona, Minn., and from there through the state southwest into Iowa the damage wrought by the wind must have been severe. A local wholesale hardware firm has received a rush order from Winona for 15 boxes of roofing tin, indicating that many buildings were unroofed.

No fatalities are reported from the vicinity of Winona, but a special to the Dispatch from Albert Lea, Minn., half way across the south border of the state, says that a tornado is reported to have destroyed the village of Joice, Iowa, in Winnebago county, about 15 miles southwest of Albert Lea, and one dead reported, while many are injured. The same correspondent says that other reports say 20 persons were killed.
Winona in Darkness.

From Winona a special report says that 20 or more buildings used for manufacturing purposes and for warehouses were unroofed. The town was in darkness last night owing to wires being down and no street cars were operated.

The damage was done by a straight blow. Rain came down in blinding sheets, many sidewalks in the business part of the city being overflowed from the water, which ran over the curbing. Winona has had several hard blows in the past, but never any that lasted so long as this or which did so much damage. Scores of frame buildings were wrecked. Scarcely a shade tree remains undamaged. Many structures were unroofed, fronts of stores blown in and general havoc caused. All wire communication east and south has been cut off. Railroad traffic east of here is suspended owing the wash outs.

Green Bay passenger train No. 6. which left Winona at 5 o'clock last evening, was wrecked by the wind about three-quarters of a mile east of Winona. The train had been halted on the main track behind a dense wall of willows where it was hoped to escape the storm's fury. Nevertheless two coaches were picked up by the wind, carried a distance of eight feet and toppled over an embankment.

Passengers Are Injured.
E. EICHENHAUCHEN of Sparta. a commercial traveler, suffered a broken collar bone. H. FULER of Marillan, Wis., mail clerk, received severe injuries on the head and shoulders. Brakeman SCHULTE of Marillan was also injured.

Reports from Southern Minnesota indicate enormous damage to crops, many dispatches telling of total loss.

The latest estimates of the damage increases the total to $100,000. Several hundred feet of track of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad north of Trempeleau, along a high dike, was washed out to a depth of 20 feet.

In Winona the new bath house building on Latsch island was blown several feet from the foundation and badly wrenched out of shape.
The Bay State Milling company suffered heavily, the main elevator, warehouse and office were partly unroofed, smoke stack demolished and conveyor thrown down.

The lower railway bridge rails were twisted so that for hours trains could not cross. The Winona opera house was unroofed over the stage. The residence of L. KITZMAN was also unroofed and otherwise wrecked. The Western Elevator company's elevator C is badly damaged and the same is true of the plant of the Interstate Packing company.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, PA 8 Aug 1907



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Location of Winona

Winona is incorrectly listed in the title here as being in WI. It is in MN, some distance across the Mississippi River from La Crosse, WI.