Pukwana, SD Tornado Jun 1908

Business Portion Wrecked and Crops Are Destroyed By Wind and Hail--No One Killed or Injured--Damage on One Ranch Amounts to $100,000--Details of Clinton Storm.
MITCHELL, S. D., June 28,--The little town of Pukwana in Brule county, about 50 miles west of Mitchell on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad, was almost wiped out at 11 o'clock last night by a tornado. No one was injured.
Between 12 and 15 stores and hotels were totally destroyed, and there is not a house in the town that was not damaged. Two large elevators were blown down across the Milwaukee tracks, covering a freight car. The railway station was wrecked.
On the ranch of Carpenter Sanborn, adjoining the town on the north, all buildings but two were destroyed entailing a loss exceeding $100,000.
The tornado was accompanied by rain and hail, which covered a strip of country three miles wide. The entire farming country in the path of the hail storm was ruined. A coal car standing on the Milwaukee track was half filled with hail stones.
A small tornado was reported ten miles east of Mitchell, but the damage was slight.
The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 29 Jun 1908