Minneapolis, MN Runaway Accident, Dec 1900


A Street Railway Switchman Badly Hurt on Washington Avenue.

George Ault, a street railway switchman, was severely injured in a runaway accident at Washington and First avenues at noon to-day. He was at his post when a powerful driverless bay horse, attached to a light, open buggy, galloped wildly up Washington avenue and whirled into First, going toward Third.

Patrolman Frank Tapper made a heroic attempt to stop the horse by grabbing its bridle, but only managed to turn it into another vehicle, in which collision it lost a wheel. Tapper was thrown to one side and the next moment the horse struck Ault, who did not hear the warning cries of policeman and spectators.

As he fell he was caught between the wheel and [ineligible] and dragged fifty feet, head foremost.

He was picked up unconscious and carried into a doctor's offices, where restoratives were applied. He sustained bad concussions of the head and face, and exhibited symptoms of concussion. A superficial examination failed to reveal any fractures of the skull.

He was removed to his home, 308 Seventh avenue S.

The Minneapolis Journal, Minneapolis, MN 6 Dec 1900