Minneapolis, MN Hotel Blaze Kills Four, May 1967


Minneapolis, Minn. (AP) -- Four persons died Monday night when fire raced through two upper floors of a four-story hotel on the south edge of the Minneapolis loop.
Identified by the medical examiner's office as two of the victims were ADOLPH GILBERTSON, 58, and THORNTON POPE, 57, both residents of the Kenesaw Hotel.
The other two victims were tentatively identified as CARL ECKLUND, about 50, and EVELYN NASH, about 54. Authorities said they presumed these two also were hotel residents, but had not been able to reach next of kin.
The fire apparently broke out shortly before 5:30 p.m. Fire Chief KENNETH HALL said it was controlled by 6 p.m.
No cause for the blaze had been established Monday night, and no estimate of damage was available. Some 15 rooms of the 40-room hotel were burned out.

The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 1967-05-02