North Branch, MN Tornado, Jun 1906


Farmhouses Near North Branch Destroyed and Lives May Have Been Wiped Out.

North Branch, Minn. -- A tornado passed about one-half mile east of here at five o'clock Wednesday afternoon doing heavy damage.

The storm is known to have destroyed at least three farmhouses near town. MRS. MYGRAN and BENJAMIN LAGOO were badly injured.
Physicians have followed up the path of the storm and indications are that several persons have been killed and many injured.

The village of Wyoming was also in the path of the storm. The home of MR. FUNK at that place was completely destroyed and some members of the family hurt.

La Crosse, Wis., Six persons were seriously injured and ten buildings were leveled by a tornado near Stoddard, Wis., Wednesday.

The hurricane centered, apparently, one and one-half miles east of Stoddard, Vernon county. It passed up Coon valley and Mormon cove striking Stoddard and Brinkman most heavily.

Washouts are reported on the railroads in this vicinity.

A windstorm also did damage at Leon, Wis.

Many farms are reported to be completely devastated.

The Grand Rapids Tribune Wisconsin 1906-06-13