Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN Area Storm, Jul 1912


Eau Claire, Wis., July 13.---In a severe thunderstorm that struck northern Wisconsin last night extending far into Minnesota, at least two people were killed, and damage amounting to thousands of dollars was done.

The known dead are:

ALMA FREYER, aged seventy-two.
A. BERGMAN, aged fifty, both of Ellsworth, Wis., killed by lightning.

Telegraph and telephone connection with Hudson, Waupun and Marshfield is interrupted, and the full extent of the area hit by the storm is still unknown.

An enormous rainfall which was general in this section accompanied the electrical storm, washing out crops and railroad tracks. Two Omaha passenger trains were held here on account of washouts on the line to Hudson.

Trees were uprooted by the high wind and it is feared that farm houses have been damaged.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 13 Jul 1912


Minneapolis, Minn., July 13.--- Three persons are dead and thirteen injured and a property loss of $100,000 was caused by one of the most severe storms in years which raged over Hennepin and Ramsey counties (Minneapolis and St. Paul) last night. The dead are:

RALPH GILLETTE, aged 30, killed by lightning at the Inter lochen Golf links; MRS. ALMA FRAYER, and MARY BERGMAN, of Ellsworth, Wis., killed in the collapse of a barn. Scores were injured, several seriously.

Daily Commonwealth, Fond Du Lac, WI 13 Jul 1912


(By Associated Press.)

Minneapolis, Minn., July 13.---With one killed and fourteen injured and property damage amounting to approximately to $50,000 in Minneapolis, reports today indicate that the force of the terrific wind and rain yesterday was confined principally to the Twin Cities and the adjacent territory. The dead is RALPH GILLETTE, who was killed by lightning on the interachen Golf club links. With the exception of Joe Nelson, a caddy, who was also injured by the lightning, injuries to others were of a minor nature.

The Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, WI 13 Jul 1912