Virginia, MN Fay Hotel Fire, 1943


Virginia, Minn. -- Photos of the Fay Hotel Fire which occurred in 1943. I could not find a date for the blaze. Please let me know the date if anyone is aware.


We also have atleast one more

We also have atleast one more photo of it at headquarters! Let me know via email if you would like to know more!

Virginia Fire Dept
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03/27/43 The Virginia Fire

The Virginia Fire Dept has a picture of it on our wall at headquarters!

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The Fay Hotel Fire

The Fay Hotel was located on the southwest corner of the intersection of 5th Ave. and Chestnut St. It was an amazingly fine hotel for that part of the country. I think it was 'The Jewell Hotel' of anywhere north of Duluth.
The fire was in late January or early February. The day was bitterly cold. Some of the streams of water from the fire hoses actually froze on their way to the roof.
If I remember correctly, the Firemen were scheduled to have their annual banquet there that day.
I came across this picture in my 'memory refreshment' phase' of writing the second in what I hope will become a series of my recollections of my most unusual life. The first book, an e-book, is titled "Imperflections" and is available anywhere e-books are sold.
Thank you for letting a kid from Minnesota reflect on his youth.
Bob Neff

How many died, if any, in

How many died, if any, in this fire? I have been trying to find hotel fires in Minnesota for this time frame (1943) because my grandmother was burned to death in a hotel fire in MN when my mother was a little girl.

Where can I find records of all Minnesota hotel fires from the 1940s? I live in WA state so unable to visit MN and check newspaper archives, though I suspect I may need to do this eventually.

Thanks for any help!

hotel fire

I have an old porcelain sign from the Fay Hotel. Could send you a picture if you send me your e mail address. Would appreciate any information that you have on the hotel fire or location of the hotel. Thanks.