Virginia, MN Little Left Of Town After Fire, June 1900

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Duluth, Minn., June 7. -- The entire business and most of the residence section of the town of Virginia, on the Mesaba iron range, was wiped out of existance by fire today, and it only took sixty minutes to do it. In that time fully 125 buildings were reduced to ashes. Telegraph communication was cut off very soon after the news of the fire came and was not resumed until this evening. The flames broke out at the MOON and KERR mill, on the shore of the Silver lake, southwest of the town. The plant consists of a number of large buildings, beside the mill, all of which were burned. The main business section of the place is about five blocks from the mill and over this intervening territory the flames spread fiercely, carried directly to the business buildings by the strong southwest wind that was blowing. Within one hour it had carried everything between the mill and the railway station, eight blocks away. The path of the flames was clean cut as that of a cyclone. Tonight there is not a business house, hotel or store standing in Virginia. The residence portion of the town was only partially burned.
The loss is estimated at least $500,000. Not more than $125,000 insurance is believed to be carried in the whole village. The water plant of the city was between the mill and the business section directly in the path of the flames. Three beer houses and several railroad cars of the Duluth & Iron Range railroad were also destroyed.
So far as known this evening no lives were lost. The people are in urgent need of relief. There is little to eat left in the town and women and children are without places to sleep or any covering.
About 100 buildings burned altogether. The only public buildings standing are the two schoolhouses and the Duluth & Iron Range depot. The D. M. & N. depot burned. MOON & KERR were the heaviest losers and carried nearly all the insurance. Their loss was perhaps $200,000 insured for $100,000. Other heavy losers were B. LEVINE, clothing; SHANDLING Brothers, clothing; Virginia Cash grocery; W. B. PRATT Co., grocers; J. ROMAN.
Tonight 2,000 people are homeless and they are being cared for in schoolhouses and churches. Many of them have gone to Eveleth, the nearest town, and are cared for there.

The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1900-06-08


Virginia, MN Fire, Jun 1900

O. D. Kenney's bank, situated in a two-story frame building, was in ruins ten minutes after the flames reached it. The territory over which the fire travelled covered about twelve blocks, about nine of which were thickly built up. To-night there is not a business house, hotel or store standing in Virginia... The school house and most of the churches were untouched.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jun 1900