Winona, MN Tornado, Aug 1907

Winona, MN Tornado, photo from


Several States Are Scourged by Destructive Storm.

Southern Minnesota Swept.
Winona, Minn., August 7. -- The most violent wind and rain storm ever known in this section passed over southern Minnesota last evening. Scores of frame buildings in Winona were wrecked. Scarcely a shade tree remains undamaged. Railroad traffic east of here is suspended owing to washouts. The Green Bay passenger train which left Winona last evening was wrecked by the wind east of Winona. Two coaches being carried a distance of 8 feet. H. EICHENHAUSEN, of Sparta, Wis., a passenger; H. FULLER, of Marillan, Wis., mail clerk, and Brakeman SCHULTZE, of Marillan, were seriously injured. Several hundred feet of track of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad north of Trempeleau were washed out.

Rain, Hail, Lightning and Wind.
St. Paul, Minn., August 7. -- Rain, hail, lightning and severe wind storms, the latter approaching in severity a tornado, late yesterday, did damage in Minnesota, Wis., and northern Iowa which at present is incalculable owing to the telegraph and telephone lines being badly crippled.

One Killed, Several Injured.
Albert Lea, Minn., August 7. -- A tornado swept across Winnebago county, Iowa, last night, and, although reports and conflicting. It is known that one person was killed in Joice Village, which was destroyed and several injured. Some reports say that twenty were killed. The course of the storm was from northwest to the southeast. The destruction of property is said to be great. The Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad is out of commission, and its trains are being run over the Rock Island tracks.

The Atlanta Constitution Georgia 1907-08-08

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