Brainerd, MN fires, Mar 1907



Herald Special Service.

Brainerd, Minn., March 11. - The Ransford hotel, the finest in all this region, is on fire. The fire started in a closet, probably from a spontaneous combustion.

The blaze appears to be under control, and the loss is estimated at $13,000. The hotel is a solid brick buiding and has four stories and a large frontage on the principal streets.

While the hotel was on fire, another blaze was discovered in the machinery warehouse of Douglas & Hoist, three blocks away. The building and its contents were destroyed, the loss being $5,000.

The Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 12 Mar 1907

Brainerd, Minn., Mar. 12. - The new Ransford hotel, of this city with its Annex, valued at $60,000 and containing property which was valued in the neighborhood of $30,000 burned yesterday. The fire broke out yesterday afternoon and gained such headway before the fire department arrived that the hotel was doomed. The fire spread to the Annex where five of the leading stores of the city are located.

All of the city officials and many professional men had their offices on the second floor of the annex. It is believed that no lives have been lost in the fire, which is one of the most disastrous which has visited this city.

The Ransford hotel, which was built two years ago was the finest hostelry in the state outside of the Twin Cities.

The Aberdeen Daily American, Aberdeen, SD 12 Mar 1907

Dropping of Lighted Candle In Ransford Hotel Starts Blaze Which Gives the Department a Stubborn Fight Lasting Two Hours. Hoist's Agricultural Machinery Warehouse Destroyed.

(News Tribune Special.)

BRAINERD, Minn., March 11. - Brainerd was visited by two destructive fires at the same time this afternoon. Mrs. Thomas H. Bear, whife of the proprietor of the Ransford hotel dropped a candle in the closet of her apartment, setting fire to the clothing. The alarm was promptly given and the contents of six hand fire extinguishers were used without effect. The fire department succeeded in finally subduing the flames after a stubborn fight of over two hours.

Third Floor Badly Damaged.

The roof of the east wing of the hotel is a total loss and the rooms on the third floor are practically ruined. The second floor was deluged with water, as were the contents of the stores on the first floor. There were no fatalities although several firemen and volunteers suffered from the effect of smoke.

While the fire was at its worst, W. F. Hoist's agricultural machinery warehouse was discovered wrapped in flames. It was a total loss and the origin of the fire has not been discovered.

The Ransford hotel, which was built two years ago, is one of the finest hostelries in the state outside of the Twin Cities.

Losses and Insurance.

The losses are estimated as follows:

R. R. Wise, Ransford building, $10,000; Thomas H. Bear, hotel furniture, $5,000; F. F. Murphy, clothing damaged by water, $3,000 to $5,000; C. L. Burnett, jewelry, $100; J. A. McCall, merchandise, $1,000; Mrs. Grandemeyer, millinery, $100; P. M. Zakareiren, tailor, $100; W. W. Latta, barber, $200; all fully covered by insurance; William Graham, $100, no insurance. A. D. Polk, B. H. Warner and George H. Gardner, law offices on second floor of the hotel building, damaged by water and moving. W. F. Hoist, loss on building $3,000, insurance $1,500; loss on stock $6,700, insurance $3,000.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 12 Mar 1907

(News Tribune Special).

BRAINERD, Minn., March 15. - W. F. Hoist will rebuild his machinery warehouse and will do it as soon as possible. He was interviewing city officials today seeking to know if he would be permitted to repair the office building for use until he could get the warehouse rebuilt. That location is now in the fire limit and Mr. Hoist expresses his determination to comply with the law in every particular and make the building of solid brick. He will, it is thought, have no trouble in getting permission to make temporary repairs to the office.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 16 Mar 1907