Pittsburg, MN fire, Feb 1896


Four families of Pittsburg, a small suburb of New Duluth, were forced to flee into the drizzling rain at an early hour yesterday morning, when their homes were in flames. The origin of the fire is a mystery so far as the owners of the buildings are concerned and it was not until the blaze was well started and threatened their lives that they were aware of the fire.

A call was made upon the New Duluth fire department, which made a quick run. Pittsburg is three miles from New Duluth. The fact that the flames had completely enwrapped the buildings, and no water could be secured to fight the fire and the buildings and contents were totally destroyed.

Five buildings, side by each, were burned, four of which respectively occupied by Picco Boldidica, Joe Clausen, Nick Clausen and Ely Manetisa, who are the owners. The other was unoccupied.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 1 Mar 1896