Duluth, MN lumber yard fire, Nov 1884


CHICAGO, Nov. 10. - A Tribune special from Duluth, Minn., states that about 1 o'clock this morning fire was discovered in the Oneota Lumber Company's yard, and spread so rapidly that the only fire engine in Duluth was powerless to arrest its progress, and it made a clean sweep of the Oneota Lumber Company's and the Osterhout and Hughart Lumber Company's property. The fire burned all day and extended over 30 acres of land. It is undoubtedly the worst fire Duluth has ever experienced. Its origin is a mystery, although the indications point to its being the work of an incendiary, possibly a discontented employe. The Oneota office, barn, and blacksmith shop. The other company loses its sawmill, boarding house, and 4,000,000 feet of lumber. The total loss will probably reach $228,000. The insurance amounts to $176,000. No single company loses more than $6,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Nov 1884