Coney Island, MN Tornado, Aug 1904

Coney Island Storm Swept

The tornado on Saturday evening did not spare beautiful Coney Island, although no lives were lost. Mrs. E. Amblard’s cottage, Villa Marie was literally buried in a mass of fallen trees and that it was not entirely crushed was little short of a miracle. The pavilion and summer house was tumbled and wrecked, boat landing smashed and the winding stairway leading up from same, entirely swept away. Of the costly flowers and plants, no trace remains. The lower end of the island where is situated Monsieur Amblard’s elegant cottage, Villa Emile, is a scene of carnage and desolation. Monster trees are strewn about so that it is almost impossible to pass through. All the magnificent plants and bushes are destroyed and the pavilion on the shore of the lake is collapsed. The loss to Monsieur Amblard is almost irreparable.

On the island, little further damage was done, with the exception of the wreckage of a small cottage owned by R. Zeglin and the destruction of a number of fine trees.

Waconia Patriot, Waconia, Carver County, Minnesota, August 26, 1904