Carthage, MO Pleasant Valley Mine Explosion, May 1901

Killed in Coal Mine.

Carthage, Mo., May 12.--Chas. Claybaugh and William Morrison were killed and John Paxton was seriously injured by an explosion at Pleasant Valley mines here today. The men were drilling an struck an unexploded shot.

Butte Weekly Miner, Butte, MT 15 May 1901


Confusion of name

The heading is somewhat misleading on this item. Pleasant Valley mines is the name of the company, apparently, rather than the place (town) where it occurred. The town of Pleasant Valley is actually in Clay County, nowhere near the site of this disaster, which is in Jasper County.

A more accurate title would be: "Carthage, MO: Pleasant Valley mine explosion, May 1901."

Re: Confusion of name

Pleasant Valley is an area west of Carthage. I don't think it is the name of the company, but a very identifiable way of detailing the area of the explosion for those in that time.