Atlanta, MO Plane Crash Kills Senator Cutting & Others, May 1935

Senator Cutting Is Killed In Air Crash Fatal to 4

Sky Chief, Crack TWA Liner, Plunges to
Farm as It Runs Out of Fuel in Fog Over
Missouri — 9, Including Baby, Injured,

ATLANTA, Mo., May 6 — Out of
fuel and desperately groping
through a dense fog for a landing
place, a twin-motored Transcontinental
& Western Air liner crashed
early today at the edge of a pasture
here and killed United States
Senator Bronson M. Cutting, the
two pilots and a woman passenger.
All the other nine passengers, including
a baby, were injured.
The crash was within fifteen miles
of the Kirksville emergency field,
which company officials had hoped
the craft would reach when it was
warned not to land at Kansas City
because of the "soupy" condition
of the air.

Senator Cutting's death was instantaneous

His crushed body was
identified from the contents of his
pockets, which held a card with his
name, a check for a telephone bill
bearing the name of his mother,
Mrs. W. Bayard Cutting of New
York City, and almost $600 in cash.
He also carried a photograph of his
He was hurrying to Washington
to vote on the veterans' bonus.
His body is being sent to New
York from Macon, Mo. Burial will
be near his birthplace, Oakdale,
L. I.
The other dead were:
BOLTON, HARVEY, the pilot, Kansas City.
GREESON, KENNETH, co-pilot, Kansas
The injured are:
METZGER, Mrs. DORA L., Los Angeles.
Her 3-months-old daughter.
WALLACE, RICHARD, motion-picture director.
WING, PAUL, motion-picture official.
KAPLAN, WILLIAM, motion-picture executive,
DREW, C. G. (PAT), motion-picture electrician.
SHARPE, HARRY, motion-picture camera
MESKER, Mrs. D. L., Kansas City, wife
of a TWA pilot.
All except Kaplan were dangerously
The motion picture people were
members of a Paramount studios
unit bound for the Naval Academy
at Annapolis to make a film. Wing
is the father of Toby Wing, motion
picture actress.

May 7, 1935 edition of The New York Times