Kansas City, MO Construction Accident, May 1903

Death of GREEN HAMPTON in Kansas City - Remains Brought to Yadkin for Burial.

Correspondence of The Landmark.

The remains of MR. GREEN B. HAMPTON, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hampton, of Hamptonville, were brought home from Kansas City, Mo., last Thursday, May 28, for interment in the Flat Rock cemetery. About two weeks ago he was working at his place of business on the outside of the building in which he worked (he worked at the wall paper business), when some workmen who were repairing a building on the same side of the street on which Green was working, accidentally knocked off a piece of the brick wall of the building that was being repaired, and a brick hit the young man Hampton in the leftside, breaking three of his ribs and causing some internal injuries from which he died ten days later. His uncle, Rev. S. M. Brown, who is a great and good man, was by his side all the time and accompanied the remains home for burial. It is indeed most shocking and heartbreaking to his devoted parents; the more so , since it has only been about four weeks since a loving daughter of theirs, just in the bloom of womanhood, was laid to rest in the same graveyard in which Green was buried last Thursday. It is comforting to know that both died trusting in a Savious of sinners and fearing no evil in the hereafter. M. Hamptonville, N.C. May 30, '03

The Landmark, Statesville, NC 5 Jun 1903