Glen Park, MO Packet CITY OF SALTILLO Sinks, May 1910 - Nearly a Score Perish


Terrible Disaster Last Night on the Mississippi River Near St. Louis. Two Dead Bodies Have Been Recovered and Eleven Missing Are Believed to Be Dead.

St. Louis, May 12. -- Two women passengers were drowned and eleven other persons missing are believed to have lost their lives in the Mississippi river when the packet City of Saltillo struck a rock and foundered in reach of shore at Glen Park, 24 miles south of St. Louis, last night. The dead:

RHEA, Miss Ann, Nashville, Tenn., body recovered.
RHEA, Mrs. Isaac T., Nashville, Tenn., body recovered.

The missing and believed dead:
BAKER, S. C., first clerk of the steamer.
HARRIS, Mrs. Joseph, Nashville, Tenn.
PATTERSON, Mrs. Archie, Chester, Ill., and her two-year-old son.
PICKERTT, Wm. J., salesman, St. Louis, Mo.
POST, Fowler, third clerk.
WALL, Miss Lena, Nashville, Tenn.
Head porter, cabin boy and two roustabouts.

Captain Harry Crane, in command of the boat and one of the survivors, announced this morning after checking up the passenger list that it was almost certain those reported missing were dead.

The boat carried 27 passengers, most of whom were women and children, and a crew of 30. She left St. Louis at 7 o'clock with a heavy cargo, including a number of cattle and the voyage was considered precarious because of the great amount of driftwood floating in the river due to the annual spring rise.

The two known dead were the wife and daughter of Isaac T. Rhea, president of the St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet company, owners of the boat. Mrs. Rhea was dragged from the water alive, but died within an hour. The body of Miss Ann Rhea was not recovered.

Miss Louise Rhea, another daughter, escaped.

They were enroute to their home in Nashville after visiting friend in St. Louis.