Eureka Station, MO Frightful Train Collision, May 1870

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No. 15. JAMES E. MELTEE. This man was above the ordinary height, and his face was black as pitch from the effects of steam, smoke and dirt, while in the wreck. His name was written on an envelope, and his address was Anderson County, Kansas. He had on him $5.30 in cash.
No. 16. JACOB REECE, from Hickory County, Ohio. Had $426 in his pocket.
No. 17. WM. TAYLOR, New York commercial traveler, splendid gold watch and $67 in cash.
The above named were all the bodies examined in the sleeping car, but the body of O. A. PIXLEY, one of the killed, had been previously removed by his uncle, Mr. H. Hale, formerly superintendent of the Pacific Railroad. The body of GEO. WASHINGTON, colored, No. 9, was claimed by his friends at Eureka, and was not therefore, forwarded with the others. At the close of the examination, the coroner swore in a jury who viewed the body of GEORGE WASHINGTON and permitted it to be taken away by his friends.

The Wounded.
Below is a list of the wounded, together with the places of their residences, and the nature of their injuries:
JOHN BARRY, 2920 Scott Avenue, St. Louis, right thigh and left leg broken, and hand crushed.
FREDERICK MAESTER, Linn Grove, Indiana, both legs broken.
THEODORE HINKLEMAN, 1111 Tenth Street, St. Louis, hand lacerated.
HENRY STARK, Boston, Mass., severe internal injuries.
JOS. P. JACKSON, engineer of the express train, 816 Fifth Street, St. Louis, head and hand hurt, but not severely.
JAMES MAUGH (colored), corner of Fifteenth and Pine Streets, St. Louis, severely bruised.
HENRY NICHEFF, concussion of the bowels, severely hurt.
_____ MERRY, St. Louis, painful internal injuries of the chest.
W. W. RYAN, Beaver County, Pa., severe injuries in the head, neck and shoulders.
ADAM MARKS, Illinois, right wrist and left ankle dislocated.
HENRY WIELAND, St. Louis, severely bruised on the body and limbs.
ADAM STURDOVANT, Pekin, Ill., left ankle fractured.
WILSON LYTLE, Hillsdale County, Mich., severe scalp wounds; no bones broken.
THOS. PERRA, Mortlake, N.C., hip fractured.
W. S. RYAN, New Brighton, Pa., collar bone broken.
JAMES CONNETT, Lafayette, Indiana, collar bone broken.
J. R. EWING, Burnside, Ill., bruises on the head and body.
T. D. HICKS, 2,701 Commons Street, St. Louis, severely bruised and cut.
MARTIN A NOVCROSS, Highland Park, Ill., right leg and left thigh bruised.
WM. J. WRAY, Highland Park, Ill., severely bruised.
HENRY ERAK, Bremen, Randolph County, Ill., hand and arm bruised.
PETER WILLIAMSON, Belmont County, Ohio, concussion of the bowels.
It is the opinion of Dr. Hodges and Dr. Jackson who examined the wounds of these persons, that none of the injuries are likely to prove fatal; many of them are most painful, but the sufferers are likely to get well. In addition to the list given above, there are four or five others injured.

The Lincoln County Herald Troy Missouri 1870-05-19