Cape Girardeau, MO Steamboat TALISMAN Sinking, Nov 1847

Sinking of the Talisman Nov 1847

Persons known to have been drowned—Mrs. Nicholls, Mrs. Keziah Bennett, Sarah Bennett, her daughter, aged ten years, Belinda Bennett, another child of Mrs. B., aged eighteen months, Thomas Bennett, aged eight years, and Frances Bennett, aged six years, also children of Mrs. B., Miss Charlotte Cady, Miss Eleanor Cady, Eliza Stone, aged two years. (All of these were from Morgan County, Ohio, moving to Schuyler County, Ill. They were travelling under the protection of John B. Stone, whose little daughter was lost with the rest.) E. Williams, Johnson O'Neil, deck-hands from Pittsburgh; John Thomas Butler, chief engineer ; two children of Mr. Thomas Pryor ; sixteen German emigrants, whose names were not entered in the books ; nine negroes belonging to Mr. R. R. Buchner, of Calloway County, Missouri ; two- young men from Armstrong County, Pa., and a family of ten persons from Illinois, names unknown.

An intelligent man, who was one of the survivors, stated that the deck was crowded with passengers, and the boiler deck was so thronged with passengers, freight, and live stock, that he (the narrator) could scarcely find a place to lie down. He estimated the number of deck passengers at one hundred and fifty, and supposed that half of them, at least, were drowned. Only four or five bodies, among them the two children of Mr. Pryor, were recovered by means of the diving-bell. Mr. Cady, the father of the two young ladies mentioned in the fore-going list, used many efforts to recover their remains, but did not succeed. It is conjectured that most of the bodies were carried to a great distance by the current.

Lloyd's Steamboat Directory and Disasters on the Western Waters, Cincinnati, Ohio; James T. Lloyd & Co, 1856