Marysville, MO Circus Tent Collapse, Sept 1905


Marysville, Mo., Sept. 19. -- The big tent of Ringling Brothers' circus collapsed here yesterday afternoon. Two men were probably fatally injured, five seriously hurt and more than two score others bruised and trampled on.
CHARLES ROBINSON son of H. E. ROBINSON, of the Marysville Tribune, was probably fatally hurt by a falling pole.
The other injured are:
EDWARD BOOTH, farmer, back broken, lung penetrated, will die.
MRS. BOOTH, leg broken.
J. E. ORME, farmer, arm broken.
MRS. JOHN KANE, arm dislocated, internally injured.
H. T. CARMICHAEL, head bruised and cut.
MRS. THOMAS CLARK, two ribs broken.
The wind had blown a gale all day, and in the afternoon, when there were 15,000 people assembled in the tent witnessing the performance, an extra strong gust raised the enormous canvas high enough to lift all the poles and support from their positions and the whole mass fell upon the audience, show people and animals. All made a panic stricken effort to escape. The show will be delayed here several days making repairs.

New Castle Nonpareil Colorado 1905-09-23