Silex, MO Train Wreck, May 1895


One Man Killed and Twenty-Three More or Less Injured.

SILEX, Mo., May 15. – Yesterday the southbound passenger train on the St. Louis and Hannibal railroad struck a broken rail about two miles north of Silex and derailed the entire train, killing one person outright and badly injuring 23 others.

The train was running at ordinary speed, but the engineer did not observe the broken rail until within nearly 50 feet, and although the airbrakes were instantly applied, the momentum was so great that the train could not be stopped, and the engine, baggagecar and coaches left the rails and rolled down a 20-feet embankment.

C. E. MEYER, Warrenton, Mo., traveling salesman.

The injured are:
Eugene Sullivan, engineer, Hannibal, probably fatally injured.
Perry Wood, New London, dangerously injured.
J. A. Jordan, general manager, Hannibal, seriously injured in the back.
Mrs. George Clayton, Hannibal, injured in the shoulders.
Charles Yancey Clayton, Hannibal, injured slightly about the head.
S. W. Smiley, Hannibal, slightly injured.
Mrs. Lizzie Grafford, Cyrene, Mo., head cut and internal injuries.
Charles Canhester, Keokuk, Ia., injured in the head.
Andy Dick, baggagemaster, severely cut about the head.
C. P. Carwood, St. Louis, injured in the spine.
C. R. Peters, St. Louis, slight bruised.
J. R. Smith, Salem, Mo., hurt in the ribs and side.
Ben H. Johnson, St. Louis, bruised.
E. V. Dieckhaust, St. Clements, Mo., badly bruised.
Carolina Dieckhaust, St. Clements, Mo., badly bruised.
W. F. Oglesby, Clarksville, Mo., chest injured.
Jack Marand, brakeman, back and arm slightly injured.
C. A. Lewton, fireman, hip injured.
J. H. Weight, Vandalia, slightly injured.
William Boyd, Vandalia, face cut.
Jesse Jones, Frankford, Mo., collarbone broken.
W. G. Hurd, St. Louis, slightly injured.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 15 May 1895