Butte, MT Mining Accident, May 1920

Lindsay's Body Found in Deep Shaft in Mine

BUTTE, May 25.--The body of Robert H. Lindsay, mining engineer of Great Falls, missing since last Saturday, was found in 20 feet of water at the bottom of the Ticon shaft today. An inquest will be held next Saturday afternoon. Acting Coroner John Doran announced.

Lindsay came to Butte several months ago from Great Falls for treatment for nervous trouble, Mrs. Lindsay said today. Saturday afternoon, with William Word, of Helena, Lindsay started down the shaft of the Ticon on a tour of inspection. When Word arrived at the bottom of the shaft Lindsay had disappeared. A searching party was organized several hours later.

Lindsay's hat, pipe and carbide lamp were found on the 700-foot level of the mine yesterday, shortly after mining officials announced it was their belief he had left the mine shafts Word was below.

Billings Gazette, Billings, MT 26 May 1920



BUTTE, May 29.--Testimony introduced at an inquest this afternoon indicated that Robert H. Lindsay, whose body was found in the Ticon mine sump Tuesday afternoon, slipped on defective ladder rungs and sustained a fractured skill{sic} before striking the water. According to the jury's verdict death was caused by bruises and injuries.

Billings Gazette, Billings, MT 30 May 1920