Livingston, MT Roof Collapse At Hot Springs, May 1957


Livingston, Mont. (AP) -- The roof of an indoor swimming pool at Chico Hot Springs caved in Thursday, injuring three of about 100 holiday bathers. Scores of others received cuts and bruises but were not hospitalized.
Coroner Wesley Cloyd of Park County said, "It was lucky a lot of people were not fatally injured." Apparently, there was no panic.
The coroner explained, "it all happened so fast." He said some, realizing the situation, quickly helped others out, of the 50 by 100 foot pool even as the roof slowly settled into the water.
Sheriff's officers sent to the scene said a warning given off by creaking noises obviously kept the number of injured to a low figure. They said the swimmers and bathers quickly gathered to the sides of the resort building as the roof settled from its center. The number in the pool at the time of the incident was reported the least for the day.
Taken to a Livingston hospital for observation were:
MARIE HOLTON, 13, Nye; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Holton.
DAVID JOHNSTON, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Johnston of Bozeman.
Taken to a Livingston hospital for observation and then released were:
DONNA CLOYD, 10, Livingston, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Cloyd, and the niece of Coroner Cloyd.
GLENN JOHNSTON and his son, GLENN, JR., Bozeman.
Glenn Johnston is a brother to Willis Johnston.
Sheriff's officers said new wooden beams and a roof was placed on the building
"several years ago."
The corner said the building's sides remained firm and a portion of the roof over the hottest part of the pool, where warm water is released into the tank.
Swimmers with goggles and other underwater equipment searched the pool's bottom for possible injured persons shortly after the mishap.
MISS HOLTON was reported knocked unconscious. She was taken from the pool and revived by her father. Bill Bahn of Livingston retrieved the girl.
The resort is located about 36 miles south of Livingston in southern Montana.
"The people in that pool were mighty fortunate," the coroner said. "How so many escaped without getting trapped and drowned is beyond me."
He said "quite a group" of bathers left the pool shortly before the roof fell.

Montana Standard Butte 1957-05-31