Aldridge, MT Mine Accident, Aug 1900


DEATH of THOMAS W. THOMAS at Aldridge No Particulars of the Accident Obtainable.

Special Dispatch to the Standard.

Livingston, August 3.-An accident occurred at the mines of the Montana Coal & Coke company at Aldridge last night by which THOMAS W. THOMAS, as employe [sic] of that company, lost his life. The news of the accident came to this city this morning through a telegram from an Aldridge Odd Fellow to George W. Potter of this city, announcing the fatality, and requesting the lodge at this point to make arrangements for the funeral.

No particulars of the accident are obtainable, none being sent with the message, and the evening train bringing no one from the upper country who knew anything of the accident. It is supposed that THOMAS’ death was caused by an explosion, but whether by powder of gas is not known, the probabilities being in favor of the later theory. Coroner Leard will go up in the morning and hold an inquest on the remains.

THOMAS W. THOMAS, the dead man, was a fire boss in the mines. His duties required him to inspect the workings each evening after the miners had gone off shift. He usually made the rounds of the levels early in the evening about 7 o’clock. He was in search for traces of gas in the workings and it is probable that he either found some of the explosive gas in some of the levels or an unexploded blast when off just as he reached the place. THOMAS was between 45 and 50 years of age and had worked at Aldridge intermittently for the past four years. He leaves a wife and family in Wales. They have been notified by cable of the accident. The funeral will be in charge of Odd Fellows and will occur in this city Saturday morning.

The Anaconda Standard, Anaconda, MT 4 Aug 1900