Bradshaw, NE Tornado, Jun 1890 - Looking Back

Ruins of the Bradshaw Methodist Church Bradshaw, NE Birds Eye View, early 1900s

The Village of Bradshaw has had a sad as well as eventful history, which placed her for a time in the long list of the ruined cities of the world. In the evening of the third day of June, 1890, the residents of this little village and the surrounding country stood in helpless suspense and watched two peculiar storm clouds approaching, one moving from the northwest to the southeast, and one moving from the southwest to the northeast. The clouds met near the edge of Bradshaw, and before the citizens could seek a place of safety the cyclone was upon them. Not a house in the village but was damaged and most of them were entirely demolished. Business houses were ruined and many of them were swept away entirely. The flood of rain and the intense darkness that followed made the situation most pitiable. Some of the residents were buried beneath the debris and many of them were injured—some fatally. As soon as possible the news was sent to York, and right royally did the residents of that city respond with every possible assistance.

“It will ever be a credit to the pluck and energy of our citizens, some of whom lost every dollar of their property, that in the face of the most appalling disaster and discouragements they arose with faith and determination, and over the ruins of the past they rebuilt their homes and re-established their business. A stranger would never suspect now that this pleasant little village with its beautiful homes was ever in such utter ruin.”

York County, Nebraska and Its People : together with a condensed history of the state, Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1921, page 444