Kearney, NE Bomber Crashes, Aug 1943


Kearney, Neb. (AP) -- A four-engined army plane from the Kearney army air base crashed two miles east of the base late Tuesday night, and all aboard are believed killed, Lt. James E. Bolen, public relations officer, said Wednesday. There was no immediate information on how many were aboard the plane or identification of victims.
The plane was on a routine training flight. A board of officers is investigating.
Witnesses noticed a fire of unknown origin coming from the bomber as it flew approximately 3,500 feet above the ground near the air field. It appeared the plane turned and tried to return to the air field, but it then lost altitude and dove into the ground exploding on impact.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1943-09-02

List of the Victims:
Second Lt. JAMES A. McRAVEN, pilot, Huntington Park, Calif.
Second Lt. WENDELL E. ROBERTS, JR., copilot, Charlotte, N.C.
Second Lt. PATRICK E. PILON, bombardier, Seattle, Wash.
Second Lt. LEONARD P. SUPULSKI, navigator, Kingston, Penn.
Staff Sgt. WILLIAM J. McLAUGHLIN, radioman, Red Bank, N.J.
Sgt. ROBERT J. SINGLETON, assistant radioman, Collins, N.Y.
Sgt. CHARLES A. NORMAN, assistant engineer, Zanesville, Ohio.
Sgt. WALTER J. LEE, engineer, Watertown, N.Y.