Hemingford, NE (near) Bombers Collide, July 1943


Hemingford, Neb. -- (AP) -- John Vantine, farmer living 23 miles west of Hemingford, said last night that he saw one army plane fall in flames from a formation flying over his place, and a second, not on fire, fall to the ground.
While doing a cross-over move, one plane crossed over and came down onto the top of another plane.
Both planes immediately spiraled down to the ground.
Vantine said the machines fell about four miles west of his farm. He said that all men aboard the planes were dead but that he did not know how many there were.
Ezra Watt, Hemingford town marshall, said he was informed that 8 persons perished.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1943-07-11

Crew of the C-47:
Second Lt. JOHN R. HUNTER, pilot, Bellevue, Pa.
Second Lt. WENDELL W. LEPLEY, co-pilot, Union, Ia.
Staff Sgt. THOMAS E. McCLURE, engineer, Sylvia, N.C.
Cpl. JOSEPH R. LEE, radioman, Whalen Park, Mass.
Crew of the C-53:
Second Lt. THEODORE K. CHAPMAN, pilot, Gladewater, Tex.
Second Lt. HENRY V. HOOVER, copilot, Macksville, Kans.
Cpl. EDWARD J. FOLEY, engineer, New York, N.Y.
Cpl. GEORGE KURCHAK, radioman, Johnstown, Pa.