Harvard, NE Three Bomber Collision, Aug 1943



Harvard, Nebr., (AP) -- The collision and crash of 2 4-engine bombers during a routine training flight late Saturday night killed 14 men, base officials announced Sunday night.
A formation of eight B-17 bombers were coming into Harvard Army Air Field in a simultation of a peel-off out of formation for landing. One of the B-17's went upwards into the path of another. The wing of the higher plane cut the fuselage of the plane coming upward in half. Another B-17 flew into the wreckage, but was able to land in an open field. One of the crew was killed after parachuting out of the third plane.
Both burned after falling on farms about 1/2 mile apart several several miles north of here. One bomber crashed on the Albert Bishoss farm, resting in a gully, while the other plane fell into a corn field on the Blanche Hartman place.
Army authorities placed a guard around the wreckage areas and conducted an investigation.
No Iowans were among the victims.

Mason City Globe Gazette Iowa 1943-08-30

First B-17 Killed:
Second Lt. ROBERT R. TWITCHELL, pilot, Seattle, Wash.
Second Lt. ROY H. NUNN, JR., copilot, Houston Tex.
Sgt. EDWARD M. KULISEK, engineer, Canfield, Ohio.
Sgt. WILBERT MILLER, radioman, Ashley, N.D.
Cpl. SAMUEL J. LANDRY, assistant radioman, Houma, La.
Sgt. CHARLES F. BIONDOLILLO, tail gunner, Chicago, Ill.

Second B-17 Killed:
First Lt. JOHN E. GIMPERLING, pilot, Dayton, Ohio.
Second Lt. PETER HIRT, JR., copilot, Glendive, Mont.
Second Lt. LAVERE W. CLEGG, student pilot, Springville, Utah.
Sgt. HAROLD LOVEJOY, radioman, Hubball, W. Va.
Sgt. CHARLES D. OTTINGER, engineer, Knoxville, Tenn.
Sgt. RICHARD C. BUSH, gunner, Wysox, Penn.
Sgt. RICHARD E. BURCHELL, gunner, Berkeley, Calif.

Third B-17 Killed:
Second Lt. CARL W. HANSEN, copilot, Badera, Calif.
First Lt. DAVID ROWLAND, pilot, unknown.
Second Lt. HAYDEN T. HUGHES, student pilot, Washington, Iowa.
Sgt. EARL S. LYNES, engineer, Holyoke, Mass.


Sgt Earl S Lynes

Sgt Lynes was also with the 447th bomb group. He was shot down on his 16th mission over Berlin on April 18,1944 and was a prisoner in Stalag 17b for thirteen months.He was responsible for the first class to enter the Air Force Academy in Colorodo Springs as the assistant to the Commandant of Cadets. Earl was born in 1910 and died in 1978. His hometown of Holyoke, Massachusettts dedicated a flagpole in his memory on Flag Day,June 14, 2012, at the Holyoke Soldier's Home!


Lt. Hughes went on to become a first pilot with the 447th but was killed 29 April 1944 piloting a B-17 on a mission to Berlin.