Hubbell, NE Tornado, Jul 1932

Hubbell, NE Tornado, Jul 1932

Tornadoes In Midwest

Hubbell, Neb., Stricken; Wires Down

Farm Woman Killed.

Hubbell, Neb., July 4. – Mrs F. E. SLAGLE, 50, was killed and her husband and two sons were injured seriously late today when a tornado struck their farm home five miles north of here. The storm also struck five other farms in the vicinity but the damage done there was not serious.
The SLAGLES saw the storm approaching and ran for a storm cellar. Just as they reached the door the tornado picked them up and carried them across a road, dropping the side by side.

Roy, 16, suffered a fractured skull, Clyde, 20, received a broken leg and SLAGLE suffered a broken ankle, fractured ribs and a gash over one eye. All were taken to a Hebron hospital.

The storm was traveling in a southeasterly direction and came in the midst of a torrential rain. The storm cellar was only 30 feet from the house, and as the SLAGLES ran for it, they coupled hands. They were found by F. C. BENJAMIN, a farmer neighbor.

BENJAMIN said Mrs. SLAGLE and Roy were unconscious when he found them, but that Roy regained consciousness. BENJAMIN ran to a farm a mile away to call for help from Hubbell and Hebron. Ambulances from both places took the injured to the hospital.

Each of the half dozen buildings on the farm was swept away. The loss was estimated at $5,000. The roof was taken off the John HEIMER farm home a mile north of the SLAGLE farm and outbuildings on the four other nearby farms were wrecked.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 5 Jul 1932