Davenport, NE Wind Storm, May 1902


Overturned Fruit Trees, Windmills, Chimneys, Cribs and Small Buildings at Davenport.

Many People Sought Shelter in Caves, Fearing Gale Would Become a Cyclone.

Special Dispatch to the World-Herald

Davenport, Neb., May 18.—Last night about 11 o’clock a steady wind from the south, which had been blowing all day, became stronger and continued for an hour, doing damage to fruit trees and overturning small outbuildings. The wind then ceased only for a breathing spell reviving again with more force, tearing down windmills, chimneys, cribs and other small buildings.

The Evansville Grain company’s large corn cribs on the Grand Island right of way were overturned and neatly spread across the main track length wise, leaving but one side track open for the trains to pass. Early this morning Section Foreman Wilson, with a gang, set to work clearing with cribbing from off the track. Many people, who were aroused by the terrific gale, found shelter in caves, fearing a cyclone was at hand.

Considerable damage was done to telegraph and telephone lines and but little communication could be had over the wires.

Local showers commenced falling here this afternoon about 2 o’clock and continued until evening.

Crop conditions are resuming a steady growth since the rain of the past week and prospects are very encouraging to our people in this locality.

Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 19 May 1902