Hastings, NE Storm, May 1899


Hastings, Neb., May 29. -- A terrific hailstorm struck this city during which time over 2,000 panes of glass were broken, fruit and grain destroyed, chickens and birds killed and injured and several persons hurt. Winter wheat was destroyed.

The Daily Herald Delphos, Ohio 1899-05-29


Hastings, NE Storm 1899


HASTINGS, Neb., May 28.----(Special.)---At a quarter of four o'clock this afternoon this city and vacinity[sic] lisited by one of the worst hail storms in many years. Torrents of hail fell for fully fifteen minutes, and had the wind been stronger not a pane of glass exposed to the storm would have remained intact. The stones measured from two to four and a half and five inches in circumference.

The asylum for chronic insane suffered the worst of any individual building. Every glass in the west exposure was shattered as was also all of the glass in the green house. At this institution more than 500 window lights were broken.

In the city it is hardly possible to estimate the number of glass broken, as nearly all of the private residences had one or more windows knocked out. All of the city school buildings suffered from the hail. The high school building had forty lights broken, and each of the other of the four ward buildings had from twenty to thirty knocked out. At the Catholic church twenty-eight lights were shattered, including a number in a colored window. The Lepin hotel lost thirty, and the Congregational church seventeen. Other large buildings suffered in proportion.

The early cherries were stripped from the trees and garden truck pounded into the ground. The storm took a northeasterly course and is reported heavier for several miles in that direction.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 29 May 1899