Wilsonville, NE Tornado, May 1916


Windstorm Destroys a Large Amount of Property Around Wilonsville[sic].

Beaver City, Neb. May 22 – Fifty thousand dollars' worth of damage is estimated as the result of the tornado sweeping through the outskirts of Wilsonville early Saturday evening, wrecking farm houses and sheds and uprooting trees. Telephone service is paralyzed.
No lives were lost, but C. S. LETSON was bruised when the storm overturned a buggy in which he was riding. His large residence was wrecked, along with barns and cattle sheds.
The house and barn belonging to GARNETT WASHBURN were completely destroyed. Others who suffered property loss were A. C. DRYDEN, S. L. FLEMING, ED GILL, M. YATES and FRED SOVERNS.
The tornado originated five miles southeast of Wilsonville and took a northwestern course until its force was spent a short distance beyond the town.

The Lincoln Daily Star Nebraska 1916-05-22