Omaha, NE Farnam Street Theater Fire, Oct 1893


Six Persons Injured by Falling Walls---A Fireman Missing.

Omaha, Neb., October 2.---The Farnam street theater, on the northeast corner of Fifteenth and Farnam streets, was completely destroyed by fire late this afternoon. The building was of brick, 77x132 feet in size, and was four stories high in front and five in the rear. On the first floor there were a number of stores, the stocks in which were ruined. The total loss is estimated at $252,000. Six persons, five of them firemen, were injured by falling walls, and one fireman is missing. The injured are: J. M. Gaynor, a spectator, head and spine injured; J. H. Scott, pipeman, bruised on the head and body; Ed Simpson, ladder man, arm broken; John McBride, fire captain, cut about the head and leg, dangerously injured; Pipeman Klesaner, cut about the head and concussion of the brain; Pipeman Malcon, severe cuts about the head. Missing---Pipeman Al Jerome. McBride and Klesaner are thought to be fatally injured.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 3 Oct 1893