Beatrice, NE Storm, May 1899


Hail Storm Crosses Gage County Inflicting Great Damage.

BEATRICE, Neb., May 23.----(Special.) This section was visited early this evening by one of the severest hail storms ever witnessed here. The storm came from the northwest and was preceded by a heavy rumbling sound not unlike a railroad train. It came up suddenly and hundreds of people in carriages were caught, many minor accidents occurring and several runaways causing more serious damage. Hundreds of window lights were broken out including the stained glass memorial windows in the Episcopal and Methodist church buildings, the court house and school buildings.

The north end of the city suffered the heaviest, no hail falling south of the Rock Island depot, and the farther north the heavier the damage. In the extreme north part of the city even the board siding on houses was split. Dead birds are to be seen all over the city, and the streets and pavements are carpeted with leaves cut from the trees. The storm continued for about ten minutes. The demand for window glass is so great that the local stocks are already completely exhausted.

The extent of the storm in the country is not yet known, but was undoubtedly more severe for some distance out than in the city; and vegetation in all parts is seriously damaged.

Over 200 lights were broken out of the institution for feeble minded, many of them large glass.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 29 May 1899