Lincoln, NE Drowned in Swimming Pool, Jul 1923



Boy of Seven Went Down and Could Not Be Resuscitated by the Life Guard When Rescued.

TRUMAN BERRY, 2425 J street, was the boy drowned at the municipal pool at noon. Identification was by Mrs. Clark Jeary, a teacher at the Elliott school.

Lawrence Burnham, life guard at the municipal pool, took the body of a boy between seven and eight years old from the pool at noon Monday. After more than an hour’s effort to bring back the spark of life hope was abandoned. Half a dozen of more boys of slightly greater age who were in the pool at the time could identify the victim of drowning by name.

Boys swimming in the pool at 12:03 p.m. notified the life guard that a boy had gone down and the bubbles was coming up where he had gone down. Two minutes later Mr. Burnham had rescued the body and had begun to apply first aid. Castle, Roper & Matthews sent their pulmotor at once, but after and hour and ten minutes’ effort to bring back life the boy was pronounced dead.

The little fellow went to the pool at 10 a. m. and rented a suit. He did not have money enough to rent a locker so he threw his clothing, consisting only of a shirt and overalls, under one of the lockers. There was nothing about the clothing to aid in identification. He had called at the pool Sunday night at 9:30 and tried to enter but had been prevented because of the lateness of the hour.

H. T. Ball, an employe [sic] at Castle, Roper & Matthews, thought he recognized the boy as one who has been selling papers on the streets. Representatives of the circulation department of the newspapers were called to the morgue to aid in identification.

The Evening State Journal and Lincoln Daily News, Lincoln, NE 9 Jul 1923



Truman Berry, 2425 J street, who was reported drowned at the city pool Monday noon, is safe at his home. The body of the seven-year-old child who was drowned is at Castle, Roper & Matthews’ parlors awaiting identification.

The Evening State Journal and Lincoln Daily News, Lincoln, NE 9 Jul 1923