Omaha, NE Tornado, May 1913

Omaha, Neb., May 15. - -Omaha and vicinity were 125 persons were killed by a tornado last Easter, had another tornado scare early last evening. The property damage was confined to a few buildings in the south part of the city, but the whole city is suffering from nerves today.

The storm struck first on the western edge of South Omaha and in addition to wrecking two houses destroyed several barns near the stock years. At Fortieth and Gold streets the new house of Ned Steele was wrecked and in that vicinity several houses were damaged. From that point the clouds lifted an did not descent until it reached Fourteenth and Hickory streets were it dipped to the ground and razed a number of outbuildings an destroyed trees.

The new home of Anton Krecek at Seventeenth and South Twelfth was wrecked. The Noble building at Tenth and Hickory was unroofed. In this building, which is three stories high, a number of people had taken refuge and a panic prevailed. A number of houses in this vicinity were damaged. Heavy rain and severe lightning followed the storm.

Following oppressive eath and general weather conditions like those preceding the tornado of March 23, the skies presented a threatening aspect. People all over the city rushed for cellars and storm caves and there was a general feeling that another big twister was about to descent upon the city. These storm conditions lasted for an hour or more. Wind and rain and hail sent terror into the hearts of every one.

In the path of the recent tornado, several buildings were damaged but nobody was injured. The storm touched several other buildings at Fourteenth and Hickory streets and others a half a mile east. The wind at this point did not take the form of a twister, but was of high velocity. Residents in the pat of the storm of Easter Sunday took the occasion with much anxiety. At Millard, ten miles west of here several stores were damaged.

Lincoln Daily News, Lincoln, NE 15 May 1913