Pender, NE Tornado, Apr 1908


Mainly In Cummings and Thurston Counties.


Three Persons Killed, Many Injured. Houses and Other Buildings Destroyed--Wires down.

BANCROFT, Neb., April 24.--A cyclone swept through Cumming county and into Thurston county Thursday and three people are known to have been killed, a number injured and a number of houses destroyed. Telegraph and telephone wires are down and reports are slow in arriving.

The tornado struck the house of JOHN MANGLESON, near Pender, Neb., and then swooped into the air, taking the wreckage of the house, and both MR. and MRS. MANGLESON were killed, their bodies being carried a mile.

George Waacker and family were at lunch when the twister struck their house. Three of the family were seriously injured. The dead body of a little baby was picked up in the public road ten miles from Bancroft. The child has not been identified, but was undoubtedly brought by the cyclone from some residence that was wrecked.

A heavy downpour of rain and hail followed the cyclone, which swept northwestwardly towards the Winnebago Indian reservation, where much damage is supposed to have been wrought, the houses being of the most flimsy character.

Warren Evening Mirror Warren, Pa 24 Apr 1908


Photo of damaged Magnuson house

I just came across this article while searching for info on the tornado that killed my great grandmother Johanna. Johan Emil Magnuson was my half grand uncle. He was the half brother of my grandfather, Axel Magnuson. If you receive this reply, I would be forever grateful if you could send me the photo.

Richard Magnuson

Corrections and Additions to Article

I know and am distantly related to the grandson of John Magnuson (not 'Mangleson') who has provided the following information.
The house belonged to John (originally Johan) Emil Magnuson. It was his mother who lived at his home who died. She was Johanna (Eriksdotter) Magnuson. Olver (or Alver) Magnuson was a baby who also died, son of John Magnuson.
John's wife, Anna Maria (Lindstedt) Magnuson did not die as a result of the tornado but John did receive a large gash on his head.
School children (including another son of John) saw John's house fly through the air.
I have 2 photos of houses damaged in this tornado I can e-mail you. One house is the John Magnuson home.